First week. First Project

Tiresome, completely new, a lot of doors to open (both metaphorically and physically).
Exciting, inspiring, intense.

Everything is a little bit too fresh to put it in words. I’ve never been able to talk about a film just after exiting the cinema, and the week isn’t even over, so I’m going to cheat a little and repeat my first tweet.
I think I just found a place to be. It was a bit of a fog in my mind for the last 2 years, couldn’t really fit in, so, at one point I just stopped stating my opinions… until I wouldn’t even bother to form an opinion anymore, not even on subjects I really liked, or was interested in. I hope this MA will help me change that.
I don’t have anything to critique right now, but if I’ll have, I’ll definitely do it because you (comcultmed) set up some pretty high standards and those standards come with lots of expectations from both parts.
About the project, it was fun. I usually enjoy being part of a group, and it was challenging to be a part of a multi-cultural group, and doing a live broadcast, as I pretty much avoid public speaking. I liked writing the magazine article and having the liberty to adopt any perspective on the subject (Selfie? Is is art?), and exactly as I expected, I had a bit of a struggle with Photoshop, because it’s been a while now since I last used it, but I defeated it at about 4:15 am.