Mediated Intimacy

Intimacy a Special Issue, Lauren Berlant 

  • To intimate is to communicate with the sparest of signs and gestures, and at its root intimacy has the quality of eloquence and brevity. But intimacy also involves an aspiration for a narrative about something shared, a story about both oneself and others that will turn out in a particular way.
  • These relations between desire and therapy, which have become internal to the modern, mass-mediated sense of intimacy, tell us something else about it: intimacy builds worlds; it creates spaces and usurps places meant for other kinds of relation. Its potential failure to stabilize closeness always haunts its persistent activity, making the very attachments deemed to buttress “a life” seem in a state of constant if latent vulnerability.

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East Winds Film Festival


It wasn’t hard to choose a team. I’m interested in films and I like writing. I do not have much experience with Asian films, but I take it as a challenge to discover contemporary Asian cinema and make it appealing to people like me, who do not know much about it.

Due to my BA in Art History and Theory, I am well acquainted with research practices. I have already written a dissertation on Expressionist German films in the socio-historical context of the Weimar Republic and the films’ links with the painting of the same movement, therefore I will approach films in a wider way, looking at cultural context, industry, public reactions, and other cinematic productions.

I can both produce easy and engaging written works, which’s informal style appeals and keeps the readers’ interest, while still having a solid theoretical ground, as well as more academic writings. I also reviewed a few art exhibitions during my undergraduate years, so I am accustomed to events reviews.

I work well under pressure and I can deliver quality material even when dealing with tight deadlines and unexpected requirements. I’m not especially comfortable with interviews, but I am willing to adapt and accept the interviewer’s role if necessary.

Skills: research abilities, article, film/events reviews writing (using different styles for different types of audience), attention to detail and self-criticism (I will not make public any written work which is not based on accurate and reliable sources), time management (I have a flexible program, which allows me to meet tight deadlines),  I’m responsible, enthusiastic (as cinema is my field of interest, and being part of a festival is a great opportunity, and a challenge at the same time), communication skills and the ability to work in a team.