Research Practice Portfolio – week 6

??!!What do employers want??!!

  • good communication: -how clearly you convey your ideas

– ability to listen to others

– build rapport

– persuade and negociate

  • effective leadership and management: – the potential to motivate and direct others
  • planning and research skills: – come up with a suitable strategy

– seek out relevant info from various sources

– interpret, analyse and report these findings

  • relevant work experience: – your individual contribution towards achieving common goals
  • self-management: – successfully direct your work towards objectives

– prioritizing your duties

–  working well under pressure

– managing your time effectively

– flexible, resilient and trustworthy

– taking on new learning and challenges

– reflecting

  • teamwork and interpersonal skills: – be resourceful in gaining the type of experience that employers are after

– make speculative job applications

– develop skills

– familiarity with the behaviour at the work place

– make contacts

  • Business sense: – an understanding of the business 


  • clear and specific
  • focus on the skills required by the job you are applying for !!

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