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detur la Preciziei grew unexpectedly in the past month. The Facebook page has 135 followers, to which are added the 11 twitter followers and 15 website subscribers. The reason why, from the three, the Facebook Page is the most followed one is that Romanians don’t use twitter, so Facebook is more accessible.

It has 15 posts, at least one in each category and every post has at least 5 likes on Facebook and 2 shares, 2 of them even have comments and a reach that goes from 74 to 854. The website has around 30-40 views per day, with a maximum of 245 and a minimum of 15. The viewers are mostly from Romania and the United Kingdom, but, in a smaller number, there have been registered viewers from all around the world.

Plans to extend: now that the content of the website is starting to take a shape, I will start sending it to people in the industry and other international film/culture websites. Messages have already been sent to Tudor Giurgiu (Romanian director and director of the Transylvanian International Film Festival) and to . Waiting for their answers.

“Interviews’ seems to be the most viewed category, and the periodical public interviews dynamise the content and attract readers. Furthermore, I already started writing reviews for the films which are mentioned as favourites in the interviews (e.g. Love Building, Illegitimate). For the time being the questions (for the public’s interviews) were somewhat introductory, not to scare the interviewees off, but also to set a basis for detailed and more thorough questions.

Plans: Anamaria Antoci proposed to contact other people in the industry, who she worked with, from our part. The cinema manager interview is pending, and I plan to continue the series of public interviews – 2 a month.

On the website, there is already a review written by someone else but I, and I have been announced that another article will be sent soon.

Plans: To find at least one co-writer. I might have found one, but I am waiting for her article first, and then there is the prospect of another writer joining in the next 2 months after he finishes his current projects. They are both Romanians, but from different parts of Romania and with a different background.

Must: Find a dedicated and professional translator, to translate articles sent to us and proofread the content on the website (I already have a proofreader for the content in Romanian)

Articles, there is only one article published and another one ready to go out. The articles are meant to deal with different issues or aspects which cannot be discussed through reviews and interviews. I started with an introductory one, in which I tried to identify the principal reasons why Romanians dislike Romanian films. The article started a dialogue on Facebook.

Future article ideas: The phenomenon of the inverted world in Glissando, Lux Hotel and Somewhere at Palilula, and its recurrence; The change in the film’s aesthetic – the return to naturalism and brute realism; Metaphors and cryptic messages in the films before 1989 etc. – 2 articles per month

As the promotion part is going well, the posting on social media will continue on a similar pace + open questions for the followers to answer and, hopefully, to create a larger dialogue.

The hardest part of running detur la Preciziei was the constant writing pace, the frequency of published posts. I have learnt that things do not go as planned, and there always needs to be a plan B post ready to be published, especially in the case of interviews. I have dealt with delays, which ruined my schedule because a delay causes another. I learnt to send the questions a week in advance, and even that wasn’t enough in some cases. The public interviews were the most challenging, people forget, or they don’t answer, initial lists of interviewees are changed on the way, some answer with yes or no to questions that cannot be answered with yes or no. The participants need to be diverse, age, occupation, gender wise, so maintaining equilibrium and hitting a deadline hardly go together. More stressing than the writing itself was translating everything, which was just as time-consuming, to which were added all the translation technical malfunctions, until I found the best way to make the website bilingual.

Fears and expectations: Romanian film is either an uninteresting subject (I quote “you’re promoting something that doesn’t exist”) or a sensible one. Exposure was my biggest fear, still is, how people will react to my texts because some of them react pretty violent to the film itself. For now, the website seems to be followed only by people who have a certain interest in film or want to learn something/more about Romanian films. As for expectations, they have been exceeded. There seem to be a few devoted readers (except for my mum). As usually, I did not have any kind of expectations, but people started liking the Facebook page from the first day, and the number grew fast, also they were open about participating in the interviews and excited after they were published.

Little joys: first “heart” on Facebook, first comment on Facebook, the 30 likes that came with the interview with Paul Stefanescu, first review written by someone else, seeing the logo, people from the public being happy and thanking me after they saw their answers included in the final text.

Ending note:  It all started with a foggy idea of doing/writing something about Romanian film. It ended being a website, because the virtual content is the most accessible one and I want to write for the large public, not for elites, or at least not only. I believe in the importance and value of an informal, easy written text, style wise, but with a solid knowledge behind it, that is accessible and can be read and more importantly understood by anyone, anywhere. Through my website, I want to raise awareness about Romanian cinema and to make people curious to watch Romanian films.

I have been asked in the beginning if I wanted it to be only a final MA project or a personal project that will continue even after submission. My answer was, a shy, even sceptic one, that I would like it to continue. Now, a day before the submission, I know that I cannot put an end to detur la Preciziei exactly when in starts to grow, it would be cruel, and all my work would be in vain. There has been too much work put into it, there are too many plans, and are already a few readers that I cannot disappoint, but mostly, I cannot disappoint myself by giving up a project that is so close to my heart, my passions, my identity and has also the potential of becoming internationally known one day.

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