• Public interviews – series of questions, easy and light questions, which leave enough space for answers that aren’t that light. These types of interviews were the most time consuming, from getting back the answers from the “interviewees”, which usually tried to avoid answering by saying “But I know nothing about Romanian film”, to actually putting the final piece together. It had 3 phases, coming up with the questions, so that they won’t scare anyone off, and I can make, for myself an idea of what people think about Romanian film and what films attract them more, and why, to talking with a double number of persons than that of the actual number that appears in the final piece, because they never answer in time, to collaged the answers together in a relevant piece. I insisted on doing “public interviews” because I want to develop a dialogue with the public, to know what kind of film they consume and to help me build a strategy to promote my website and Romanian film. Also, I consider it to be an effective way of attracting readers and followers, when they know they have contributed to something on the website. The first public interview received favorable feedback.
  • Paul Stefanescu – interview with an underground film artist/director/filmmaker. I knew Paul for a while, and had already written a review for one of his films. I admire him as an artist and of course his work and I knew that he wouldn’t mind a bit of promotion, and detur la Preciziei need some promotion as well. After the interview was published and shared on his pages, the followers’ number on Facebook increased with 30. And was seen by people in the field, probably not from people in the main industry, but by other international artists and underground filmmakers.
  • Anamaria Antoci – the producer of Illegitimate. It would be an interview about the more practical side of things, with Illegitimate as a recent example. Plus, the interview and long it the website might be seen by people in the industry that she worked or is working with. Anamaria already offered to connect me with other people from the industry for new interviews (as a future plan).
  • Cinema manager – pending

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