EWFF: week 4

Tasks for the week:

  • press release about the partnership between East Winds Film Festival and The Mocking Bird Cinema
  • interview with the cinema’s manager.

P.S. none of the tasks was my direct responsibility, so my week went smoothly

This year, for the first time, East Winds Film Festival is expanding to Birmingham, so of course, we had to be there when the first film was screen under our name.

Akira, at the Mocking Bird Cinema, on 22th of March! And now that the partnership has been officially announced, other films under East Winds name will follow during the festival.

I must admit, which probably comes as no surprise, that I’m not the biggest fan of animes either, so I took Akira as an experience, Oddly enough I enjoyed it, not to mention that it remain in my memory for a few days after the screening. Being still under the spell of Shinya Tsukamoto’s films, I couldn’t help to ask myself if there is any relation whatsoever between the character Tetsuo from Akira, whose arm, lost in a fight, is reconstructed from metal bits and pieces and the “Tetsuo” in Tetsuo: The Iron Man. It is only a few years difference between them, the films coming later, and I could guess that Akira had quite an impact after its release. But I we will never know… at least not without asking Shinya Tsukamoto himself, which would probably prove to be quite difficult to achieve.

Regarding the Social Media team, I just continued to follow and like all the posts which went out on different social media platforms.

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