No human is an isle. But it is probably a human feature to find a scapegoat, to throw the blame in someone else’s garden. It’s easy. It’s simple. It absolves YOU and ME of any responsibility. Indifference, ignorance, silence, comfort, numbness. We hide from the dark side of the world. We hide from atrocities because they do not happen to us, we pity the “unfortunate” one, as long as they do not violate our borders.

When put front in front with the grotesque, revolting, shameful truth, one has no alternative but looking “this monster” right in its hideous eye, in an unmediated and quiet confrontation. And when the confrontation is over, when one admits oneself defeated, and the monster closes its horrid eye, one is left with nothing else but its own image projected in the world one always has been a part of, and taking refuge in one’s imagination of a utopia is not the solution. The only solution is shouldering the creation of “this monster”, not necessarily directly, but by not knowing, by not admitting, by turning one’s eye from its existence, by not making one step to prevent it, stop it, or to raise awareness… and responsibility is the worst, with it comes guilt, shame, it breaks comfort into pieces, but it brings change, little by little, step by step, day by day, human by human.

This being said I have no intention for my short video montage to be beautiful. It cannot be beautiful because the reality which it has to contain isn’t beautiful. It will be exaggerated, dramatically grotesque, or extremely austere. It will not be easy to watch, it does not have to be digestible, it will be neither fluent nor narrative. It needs to be as the facts themselves, bothersome, uneasy, ugly and painful at some moments, antithetic in itself.

It will be subjective, deeply personal; it will be a part of me. I will use stills from films that I’ve watched, and which lingered in my memory, music that impressed me. I want it to be more of an emotion than a story.

I wish the viewer not to watch this montage, but to feel it.

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