Exploring Digital Culture – week 1


  •  What is a community?
  • Am I a part of a community?
  • What about an online community?
  • How being a part of a community shapes who I am?

Examples of communities: university, class, church, nation, group of friends, groups of people who share the same interests of hobbies

?Home? – What is a home? What makes a home feel like a home?

  • it’s a sense of comfort, of belonging, a feeling more than a place

Communities aren’t fixed. We choose which community to be a part of based on our interests.

“it appears that in the most usual sense, a community refers to a particular kind of social group, defined by strong personal links. Such a group will be fairly small, so that it is possible for each member to know personally everybody else in the group. Relations are supposed to be direct, face-to-face, frequent and stable. Relations are strongly tinged with affectivity, which is often presented in a positive light. In a rosy version of the picture, relations are warm, cordial, well-meaning and kind. Everybody can count on the sympathy and solidarity of other group members in case of need or mishap.” – a common and powerful myth (Memmi 2006:290)

Community members: active/passive

Online communities and benefits

  • reject authority (but it restructures it)
  • anonymity
  • equality

How have online communities changed our sense of belonging?




Online Communities I’m a part of  Twitter, Facebook, WeChat, WhatsApp, Vimeo, SoundCloud, WoW

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