Exploring Digital Culture – week 3

Affect and Embodiment – Network Affect 


Download Arzombies – do not open it!

  • discourse, language, and writing became privileged in our understanding of self -> domination of discourse
  • bring the body back into the picture – thinking is a “body” process as well
  • our body reacts first

Defining Affect

  • visceral
  • bodily
  • automatic
  • intense
  • reactive
  • being affected – being moved -> participation
  • we act upon others <-> others act upon us
  • openness

Affect comes before emotion

‘autonomy from conscious perception and language, as well as emotion’ (Clough 2008: 3 on Massumi’s definition of affect)
‘Affect is a post personal force exceeding the human.’ (Wetherell 2012: 59)
Active environments – Active connections – Networked affect: •Contagion

                                                                                                                                   •Mob mentality
                                                                                                                                    •All of these things that we have discussed about experiencing affect in the physical world happens online too think about things going viral etc.

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