Research Practice Portfolio – week 5

Library Session

In need of help contact Suzanne White (Media Librarian), 3rd-floor office


Wednesdays at the E.T. Reception – drop-in sessions between 1-2 pm


Search system for library resources: (electronic) books, (electronic)  journals, (electronic)  articles

Subject Databases:

  • Communication & Mass Media Complete
  • SAGE Premier
  • LexisLibrary
  • Art Full Text

– search by keywords 

The library can purchase a book/article/ written material for £2.oo by submitting an enquiry form

The library is open 24h, which is absolutely awesome as I am a night bird and prefer a long night study session.

Center for Academic Writing 

  • helps with citations and references
  • checks and gives feedback on essay’s structure
  • elucidates heavy essays titles

Google Scholar – the hidden gem of google; see if the book you need is in the library near you 😉

References in Coventry Harvard style example and very useful handbook

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