Screen Culture and Selves – week 3

Are we born the way we are? With all the data? With morality, religion, character, temperament, inclinations, sexual orientation, affinities or are we shaped by the environment, society, family?

Nature: temperament, talent, gender, race (although races as a concept are a society construct), gender (but not necessarily gender identification), sexuality, sexual orientation, some kind of morality sense ( )

Primordial instincts: breathing, eating, sleeping, pooping, sexuality 

Nurture: character, knowledge, religion, the image we present in front of the outer world

Structuralism (Saussure) -> nature vs nurture

Jacques Lacan -> link between Sigmund Freud and the structuralists

Freud: Conscious – Precocious – Subconscious        tripartite-personality

  • repression: fears are caused by something repressed

Saussure – We can only approach the world through language (Genie Willey chase: ), there are certain stages when certain things can be learnt

Claud Levi- Straus:

  • The Savage Mind
  • Man obeys laws that are inherent in the brain
  • Myths are not made by individuals but by the collective human consciousness
  • The savage mind had the same structures as the civilized mind
  • The human is the same everywhere – in relation to the centralization of structure
  • ‘Bricolage’ – the characteristic patterns of mythological thought
  • Reuse available materials in order to solve new problems

Structure is a need! Structures are nurture, but the desire for structure is nature

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