Screen Cultures and Selves – week 1

Me, myself and I. The way I look, the films I watch, the music I listen to, the books I read, the persons in whose presence I like to be, my way of communication, or the lack of it my dreams, my desires, my nightmares, memories, and fears define me, make me an individual.

Inner <-> outer world, our inner discourse is more complex, different from what leaves our lips (at least sometimes)

Favorite films:

Mine – Dogville… what does this say about me?

Channing’s – Inglorious Basterds – nice one

Aurora’s – Flipped – never heard of it, maybe I’ll watch it someday


I  already answered this.


  1. Group work – meeting and seeing a non-american film from the 70′ and discuss it afterward – checked
  2. short description of a recent dream – checked
  3. favorite film reflection -checked

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