American Dream: The American Hegemonic Culture and its Implications to the World

  • A nation could be a great one as long as it has a great dream -> America
  • American dream -> hegemonic culture -> American norms, values, and cultural practices are considered superior to the world culture
  • success – key value of the American dream -> content of the cultural globalization
  • the values of democracy, personal freedom, upward mobility, and openness that are often expressed in American popular culture such as films affect the preference of others.

  • hegemonic culture: a set of ideas, beliefs, values and cultural practices that are always willing to dominate, defeat and manage other cultures within the circle of its power
  • As the growth of worldwide networks of interdependence, globalization has several dimensions which are dominated by activities based in Silicon Valley, Wall Street, and Hollywood
  • the American domination of the world of cinema at the end of the twentieth century -> similar to the novel dominance era of European colonialism in the nineteenth century
  • “the MacDonalization” a poll indicated that almost all American children were more familiar with Ronald McDonald than with Santa Claus
  • the principles of fast-food restaurant are coming to dominate more and more sectors of American society as well as the rest of the world (Ritzer)
  •  Bush Senior: “America is more than a nation, but an idea, alive in the mind of people everywhere… This nation, this idea called America, was and always will be a new world -our new world
  • American dream -> luxury
  • American dream -> the excitement of being a hero
  • American heroes as depicted in films symbolize American victory; hero = the one who possesses the power to save human life.

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