18.08.2017, 18:14 Panic!

Panic! Panic! Panic! (today) It would not exactly be the first bump in the road, but it took me by surprise and it was caused, as usually, by the website’s translation app. It expired leaving detur la Preciziei unavailable to its Romanian readers (at least to those who only read Romanian) for a couple of days. Everything is back to normal now, and I will make sure it stays like that, especially after the work (and nerves, mostly nerves) that have been put into the website’s translation. One would have thought that as Romanian is my native language it would be piece of cake to translate my own writings into my own language… but reality begged to differ.

What I discovered from this unfortunate event, whose solving only came today, is that the views number on the site considerably decreased (from 40 per day last week to no more than 15 – even less on some days, this week) in the last couple of days. I have been wondering why, blamed it on the absence of new articles published this week, but now that I have discovered the translation issue, I strongly believe that this might be the cause, or at least an important factor. Considering that most of the Facebook followers are Romanians, and not only young people, who are used to reading English texts, the website became unreadable for some of its current followers.

Damage control: Facebook post in Romanian (only) to apologize for the inconvenience and to assure the readers that something similar would not be allowed to happen anytime soon (preferably never). A new film review is scheduled to be published tomorrow with its Romanian version for non-English readers. Hopefully, the views’ number will increase again and this unfortunate event will be soon forgotten.

P.S. No complaints about the translation have been received, but honestly I would have been glad to get such a complaint and deal with the situation sooner.

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