Film website, plan

  1. WordPress website – Why WordPress? Because it’s easy to use (for me, considering my non-existent knowledge about web developing) and it has a simple interface for the readers to access and navigate.
  2. Name (?…?)
  3. Logo – I’ll ask a few young graphic designers to help me with that
  4. Format: Home, News, Film Reviews, Interviews, Articles, About
  • News: News about the website (changes, announcements etc) and news about new Romanian films coming out; later on, depending on the website’s development even festival news about and from different Romanian film festivals
  • Film Reviews: Even though the website is going to be dedicated, mostly, to contemporary Romanian cinema, I consider that for an objective overview and understanding films before 2000 and even further behind, from the Communist era, must be included. Furthermore, contemporary films, due to their recognition in international film festivals, are (let’s say) a bit more accessible, while the older ones are not. Being a Communist country, Romanian cinema from before 1989, is included in the common cinema history of East European film. It is true, that there are common features, but there are also differences. In addition, the changes in aesthetic and content that put Romanian cinema on the map, were determined by a certain context of saturation, of a weariness of the previous style. Which is why, there will be 2 film reviews a week, one of a film after 2000 and one of a film before 2000.
  • Interviews: For now (26.07.2017) I am planning 4 interviews: with Anamaria Antoci (producer), with Paul Stefanescu (underground film director), with Viorel Hritcu (cinema manager), with the public, covering different (the most important: the pragmatic side, the creative one, the distribution and consumers). There will be a series of public interviews with different types of public (young public, mature public, international public etc.) 1 per week
  • Articles: The articles category is for discussing more detailed aspects 1 at two weeks 
  • About: Info about the website and writers + contact info

5. Promotion: Twitter account, Facebook page – massive share; through interviews, people sharing, liking, reading the interview they’ve been a part of; and when the website will have enough content, I will try contacting other film websites and people from the industry

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