Final project ideas

  • contemporary Romanian film
  • the relation between the contemporary Romanian films and the Romanian audience, considering the films’ reviews from Europian famous film festivals
  • interested in the mass audience, not elitists, film critics, directors, or people in the industry.
  • maybe 2 types of films as case studies: 1. austere, blank, low-budget, slices of life in a post-communist society, dealing with social dramas of different intensities in a realist and almost unmediated way( Child’s Pose/ Pozitia Copilului, Călin Peter Netzer; Sieranevada, Cristi Puiu; 4 months, 3 weeks and 2 days/ 4  luni, 3 saptamani si 2 zile, Cristian Mungiu; Beyond the Hills/ Dupa Dealuri, Cristian Mungiu; Bacalaureat, Cristian Mungiu; The Death of Mr. Lazarescu/ Moartea Domnului Lazarescu, Cristi Puiu; Why Me?/ De ce eu?, Tudor Giurgiu etc.) 2. fantastical, atmospheric, “felliniesque” films, dealing with the same social dramas, but using an utterly different aesthetic (Somewhere at Palilula/ Undeva la Palilula, Silviu Purcarete; Silent Wedding/ Nunta Muta, Horatiu Malaele; Happy Funeral/ Funeralii Fericite,  Horatiu Malaele) -> different reviews from the public
  • Romanian public does not enjoy Romanian films
  • my own contradictory relation with the Romanian contemporary film – I find them extremely tragic in the most familiar way, aren’t easy to watch, yet I love them, but I wouldn’t feel the need to rewatch them
  • strong points: understanding of the background, relating to the subjects introduced by the films and to the public to a certain extent.
  • aims: a theoretical, researched part – which would allow me to apply for a Ph.D., a practical part, appealing and approachable for the large public:  maybe some sort of a “film exhibition” –  fragments of films, muted, with juxtaposed interviews with members of the Romanian audience. (???) -> copyrights issues
  • queries: who would this be a topic of interested for, apart from Romanian audience?  would this project help me in pursuing a career in the film area?

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