Final project proposal

Film Website: a project that would combine my passion for films and my interest in writing.

  • Considering the ascension of the Romanian film in the last 10 years, I consider the Romanian cinematographic scene (after 1998) a good starting point, but I am thinking about maybe extending the site’s palette to European or at least East European film
  • Content: film reviews, but also short essays on the relationship of the film with its public (Romanian film versus Romanian public), or/and on the films in the socio political and historical context – as a Romanian, I consider to have a certain understanding of the films’ background, the facts, ideas, concepts they are based on.
  • I will focus on a certain type of films, the ones which enter international film festivals, being appreciated (outside Romania), and which have a specific style; and not the mass TV productions.
  • I identified so far 2 different types of films, which depict almost the same social, cultural, political issues, so present in our post communist society. While the ideas are similar, the films’ aesthetic is antipodal ( 1. austere, blank, low-budget, slices of life in a post-communist society, dealing with social dramas of different intensities in a realist and almost unmediated way; 2. fantastical, atmospheric, “Felliniesque” films, carnivalesque, even surreal in some aspects), which determines the public’s opinions on the films.
  • I am also thinking to include the underground Romanian film scene – I know one of the directors of no/low-budget underground films, and already wrote a review for one of his films, so I could continue the collaboration – and benefit from the promotion he would make on his own social media pages for the articles which concern him, and alongside to the whole site.
  • Due to my interest in film in general and my attraction the a certain type of film and especially to the period of German Expressionism, I would like to include different topic articles (weekly/ monthly – on certain days of the week/ dates of a month) on different topics such as: international film, horror film, films of a certain period –  to diversify (leaving the door open for a broader approach once the site develops) without for its main topic to be lost between the lines
  • The target public: pretty much everyone. I indent for the articles to have a solid theoretic, conceptual basis so that to be relevant for the people inside the industry, but the writing style to be pleasant and permissive enough for even “profanes” to understand and appreciate it.
  • The intention is to raise awareness of Romanian film, so it would obviously have an “international” character, but would also be directed to the Romanian public, who in its large masses do not know much about its own cinematographic scene. Thus, to make it more approachable, the articles could be bilingual: English – Romanian
  • Promotion: the site would be promoted on different social media, and would have a Facebook page and/or a Twitter account for the articles to be shared, but also for sharing trailers and other different audio/visual material related to the site’s content and for a better communication with the public.

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