Finding the tone and voice

This is something I am still struggling with, and I will continue to struggle, I am used to having a powerful voice (only in writing), but I seemed to have lost it when I started writing for my own film website (oh! the irony). It is writing about these specific things, close to me, close to what I know. Because a Romanian film feels like home, it was incredibly difficult to write about it from an objective point of view. The articles (be it reviews or essays) had to be informative, for the international public, which might know close to nothing about Romanian film, but friendly and convincing and engaging. All at the same time. And when Romanian public isn’t a fan of its own films and the international public doesn’t know much about this area, is like running with the hare and hunt with the hounds… well maybe not that hard, but still.

I want the texts to be friendly, not to scare anyone off, in spite of its knowledge or interest in film, maybe I convince someone to watch a few films, but then a too friendlier text risks sometimes, to not be taken seriously, and when you want your website to get to the industry, you need to be taken seriously. So, what I decided to do, and did was to write differently about different film, serious when the film demands it, and more playful when the film is lighter. That is why I chose films that cover different genres and deal with different matters and are from different time periods.

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