Essay film, notes part 2

What is your favourite colour? White. But white isn’t even a colour. You’re right, you cannot even see it anymore.

Time has lost his patience. We run around in circles, repeating the same mistakes over and over and over and over and over and over again. And over again. Until mistakes are not even seen as mistakes anymore. We use new slogans for old matters. We run from our past just to end up in the same spot. There is no greater truth than history, but we reinvent it, forgetting to reinvent ourselves as well in the process. We don’t see slavery anymore. Slavery has no place in our modern little bubble. With our eyes closed, we follow our dreams. White American dreams. Wealthy American dreams. Freedom is a ride in a convertible polished car, not a state of mind, not a state of being. We preach happiness, freedom, individuality in #nofilter filtered photos.

It’s time to be who you really are! To embrace your white soul and make it spark through your western condition. Ride! Travel! Run in the rain! Deam! Fall in love! Love! Hate! Suffer! Be true to yourself! Be happy! Find yourself. Go back to work. Real workers have no time for feelings. Real workers have no tears. Real workers have no right to live… or to die. The broken hearts love the deepest. Real hearts beat only in privileged chests. White hearts, white love, white mind, white life. True workers never stop being workers. True workers are workers first of all, and whatever they might be second.

All blood is red, but some is purer. Some minds are great, but some are greater. Some hearts beat in colours, some hearts beat right.

Tic-Tac. Tic-Tac. Tic-white-Tac.

There is one colour no one sees anymore. And this colour isn’t even a colour.

Link to link, after link, from link, hyperlink. Linking, being linked, unliked. Friend. Unfriend. Follow. Unfollow. Like. Unlike. Dislike. Heart it. Distribute it. Redistributed. Share. Double share. Reshare. Post. Edit. Delete. Repost. We are all linked, interlinked. We are all connected.

Error. No internet access. Network not find. Enable network access. Troubleshoot problems. No internet. No iPhones. No Macs. No laptops. No computers. To mobiles. No phones. No electricity. No current water. No water.

You were online 10 minutes ago, you are online now, you are always online. And you are not the only one. But not all of us were ever online. Our voices are as powerful as the number of our likes. OUR VOICE IS ANGRY IN CAPS LOCKS. Our voice is determined in bold. When we don’t want to see, to know anymore and any more, we unfollow. We change the channel. We close our eyes. We only see what we want. We only see what some want. What some show. Some see what we do not see. Some do not see what we see.

We built a new world, like little gods playing with our powers. We offered ourselves a clean slate and stained it all over again. We are trapped in our pursuit of power, in our money quest, in our own desire for attention.

A click is less than a glass of water. A like is less than a warm glance. A post is less than a helpful hand. But a voice is a voice nevertheless. Is it? When it’s not online. Is a voice crying in the desert still a voice if it does not reach the Internet? Does it have volume when it does not have any hypes?

Conscience corrupted. Viruses in our systems. Bugs in our minds. We are connected in our disconnection. We understand faster than any system and we react slower than Internet Explorer.

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