EWFF: climax!!

15-21 May, East Winds Films Festival was back to Coventry, and Birmingham this year.

It has been the busiest week of this year so far, enthusiasm, nerves, fatigue, and films lost and lost of Asian films, and I have been there from the first film to the last. Horrors, comedies, romantic comedies, thrillers from the far East all in need of reviews.

Communications tasks for the week were:

  • 500 words film reviews (positive and professional), for every film until the next morning
  • short interviews with the audience members

I wrote 5 reviews, one each day for Sword Master, Bliss, School Tales, Kitarajanipon, Village Of No Return. For 3 of them, I had already written the synopsises, but this did not necessarily make my job easier, and with all the fatigue which piled up during the week, I struggled a bit to maintain the same high standard for each and every review, and I am not that sure I entirely succeeded. As everyone, I had my personal preferences, and I admit I resonated more with some films than with others, which made insist on writing the review for Bliss. But, because I had attended every film, I ended up being somewhat the backup writer, for the films which no one was writing about.

I tried to maintain a positive and complimentary tone, but rereading my work, at least from my point of view, my personal preferences and affinities clearly transpire from my writing style. Also, having to write reviews daily, made me realise that I have the tendency to use some of the same phrases or constructions, even when discussing different films, which otherwise would not have been visible. So, I tried, as much as possible, to avoid that, and to make my reviews similar in style, but different in actual content, or better said in the choice of words.

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