EWFF: week 1

Week one… or the beginning, or not really.

I have been a part of East Winds Film Festival for a few weeks already, but on this one special week, some changes have been made. New teams came into the picture, new tasks, new team members, new managers. This changes did not affect me much. From Journalism we became Communication and 3 more members joined us, but that was all. I just had to continue what I was already doing for the last weeks, meaning writing. However, there was a team which caught my attention. The Creative, and for a second I thought about changing ships, but then I remember that I might not be good at many things, but I’m pretty good at writing so I’d better stick to it, and so I did.

The change that did affect me in a way, was the weekly diary entry we have to write from now on. I was never ever good at keeping a diary, professional or unprofessional. I do my job, I meet the deadlines (usually) and give my best (most of the time), but I can’t keep track of what I am doing, so this diary might just be the most unpleasant thing about the whole festival.

But now, let’s get back to better things. What we did so far? We wrote a press release, which proved to be more challenging than we initially thought it would be. I never wrote a press release before, but after 5 hours of working on the first East Winds Film Festival 2017 press release, on a Friday morning-afternoon, with our manager, I can say that I’ve learnt a few things.

A Shinya Tsukamoto article was the second task, which I happily took on. I wanted to watch Tetsuo: The Iron Man for a long time, but never had the… guts to do it. Well, this was just the perfect occasion. I watched it, I liked it (and I don’t know how good of a sign this is) and I continued watching another 4 of his films, and still counting. A great director, with quite an identifiable style. I fell in love with his work, and I found myself fascinated by the director himself after reading and watching pretty much all of the English interviews I could find online + a few reviews of his films. And I could just write a whole new article here if I don’t stop now. I am rather pleased with the article, though at a new rereading I am sure to find at least 4 phrases “in need of change”.

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