EWFF: week 10-11

And the ball started rolling.

There were meetings with every group, and I can just smell the pressure and fervency of everyone trying to get the last bits and pieces in place. If I was complaining about the lack o briefs in the last journal entry… oh, the saying, “be careful what you wish, it might come true”, served me well. We had our share of tasks, 15 pieces to be specific in no more than 3 days while working on lots of different other things.

Communications had to write the synopsis for every film in the programme. With 8 members and 15 films, one could have thought that it would be a piece of cake. Nothing more false than that, the ideal idea that everyone could write 2 synopsises was just that, an idea.

I wrote 5 film synopsises. I started by choosing films I thought I could adapt my writing to like Grace and Bliss, both thrillers with a concept that appealed to me. I also chose the romantic comedy One Day, not to dive too deep into the realm of torture, blood and psychological games, but ended with 2 more films on my plate: School Tales and Kitaranijipon. I started by watching the trailers which were easy to find, but I struggled to find other information in English for some of them. I read a few reviews from other festivals as in the case of Bliss, amateur reviews from IMDB and other sites regarding cinema, and when and where I could find, viewers’ comments, impressions and discussions to see how the films were received by the public and which would be the main points I would have to touch on my short texts to make these films appealing to the public. I tried to avoid concentrating too much on the storylines, not to reveal too much of the plot and give any unwanted spoilers, but mostly because I did not see the films in advance so I did not want to make any kind of mistake. I chose to go for the atmosphere and what these films try to express in term of experiences more than stories so that my short texts would stir the readers’ interest without giving away the plotline.

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