EWFF: week 2

After the changes last week, a meeting with our new members was necessary. We already had a google doc for everyone in the team to follow and see the briefs and deadlines, but with no new briefs, we didn’t have much to discuss in our meeting.

I offered to do one of the briefs left uncovered after the member migration and soon regretted it, because of the extremely busy week awaiting us, but hey, there are always enough nights in 3 days to write an article, right? So, I managed to write the article on the  Thai GDH film company, on the last night. I have never been interested in Thai cinema, mostly because I never had any contact with it, so when I started writing I did feel I was stepping on a shaking ground. Based on the research done by Sherry and some of my own research on the newly formed company, the article was written in time for our editor to polish it (and add all the commas I always miss no matter the language I write in) and send it before the deadline.

With this came a new big change. Remember when I was thinking of changing ships? Well, be careful what you wish, it might just come true… I was asked to join the Social Media team and work closely with the festival’s co-director, a fellow Romanian. I hesitated… I hesitated a lot. I was just not sure that writing Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts could be my thing, I was actually pretty sure it wasn’t, and I wanted to keep writing articles, film reviews, film synopsises, and other things which I could only do by being a part of Communications. But I accepted in the end and joined the Social Media, without leaving the Communication team. Double work, double pressure, double trouble and double gratification.

I attended a manager meeting on Thursday, and a had a new team meeting on Friday to set up roles for each member.

Also, after presenting each of our teams in front of all the students on the MA, there were a few student interested in joining our team so Communications is waiting forward to that.

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