EWFF: week 6-9

Paris, study leave and back again. I have been waiting for new tasks since the minute I have set foot on British ground again after the Paris trip, it was not for long though as I have left for Romania in the next 3 days. We were promised (threatened with) new tasks for the festival, and as I have not written anything in a while, it seemed like the perfect occasion to work on some articles during the study leave, but new deadlines and briefs were late to appear.

I am back in Coventry now, the festival is knocking at the door and the enthusiasm amplifies. I did a bit of reading about international film festivals, watched a few more Asian films as: Vital (Shinya Tsukamoto), In the Mood For Love (Kar Wai Long), Dolls (Takeshi Kitano) to get used with the Asian cinema and reread my previous articles to remember the tone, just in case some new article are awaiting me around the corner, but with no actual tasks there was nothing more for me to do, so I consider this post somewhat pointless.

With the festival so close, it starts to feel less and less like a hypothetical plan and more and more like an actual event on the verge of happening. I am excited and a bit nervous that the ball will start rolling soon and we will have to run to catch up. With a few other deadlines, unrelated to East Winds, on my mind, I am afraid of the work I will need to do !fast! for the festival and of which I do not know yet. But then, there are always enough sleepless nights to get something done minutes before the deadline, and this is how I always worked. I only start ticking when the bomb starts ticking.

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