Film essay notes – group assignment

Me. The Others. You. Us. Them. Freedom. Power. Silence. Fear. Light. Fame. Shame. Difference. Indifference. Work. Travel. Slavery. Lux. Love. Charade. Laughter. Distance. Money. Noise. Black. Good. Evil. Scream. Need. Loyalty. History. Forgiveness. Emptiness. Happiness. Crave. Hunger. Joy. Lack. Futility. Desperation. Calm. Faith. Guns. Gods. Words. Adaptability. Cries. Blindness. Equality. Quality. Debauchery. Dirth. Meaning. Status. Class. Grief. Death. Pain. Birth. Rebirth. Identity. Courage. Lie. Sin. Loss. Loneliness. Crowds. Man. Life. Ideas. Ideals. Illusions. Miracles. Mirages. Memories. Sadness. Knowledge. Future. Unknown. Unspoken. Discontentment. Hope. Unseen. Insecurity. Arrogance. Nowness. Terror. Order. Pleasure. Dreams. Duality. Signification. Anthem. Signs. Paths. Scratches. Scars. Tears. Smiles. Colours. Wounds. Tyrants. Martyrs. Chaos. Children. Innocence. Ferocity. Strenght. Guilt. Passion.

The dog whose leash was longer than his life. We’re tracking meaning, search for identity, fear our limitations. We’ve globalized one’s thoughts. We’re seeing through a pile of different lenses, which are not our own. We don’t have an “own”. We understand difference but don’t accept it. We accept difference but do not understand it. We demand freedom but avoid it. We hear but not listen. We watch but do not see. We scream, forget, and move on. We love and press “enter”. We hate and click “delete”. We shine in our selfies, they die in our factories. She sells her soul, he buys commodity. Some grow apples, some make Apple. Some drown, some swim. Some play, others get played with. Some know the rules, some follow, some change the rules. Some get money, others get diseases. Some want to escape, a few succeed, others are deceived. We don’t see skin, only colours. We don’t wear masks, we own them.

Some scream, some cry, some fight, some sight, some watch, some change the channel.

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