Transnational Subjectivity – week 1

Paris Attack: horrible, revolting, unnecessary violence

Tsunami Urge: the power of nature, frightening

EU Referendum: shocking, unexpected, what now?

Who are we? Who are we in this world?

What is a nation?

  • a group of people living in the same country, sharing the same beliefs, culture, religion, speaking the same language

Can nationality be changed?

  • yes, we can identify with another culture and embrace the way of living from other countries
  • it can be changed legally by earning another country citizenship

What is nationalism?

  • exaggerated patriotism

We touched the subject of colonialism and its effects on the colonized countries. The different perspectives: – for the colonizers, they were bringing education, culture, and… in an undeveloped country

– for the colonized, the invaders were forcing a lifestyle that did not define them, robbed their country, changed their home into a strangers house.

History should not be looked at in a linear way and from just one point of view.


  1. group meeting, discussing roles – checked
  2. notes on the essay film “WE” – checked, kind of
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